U.S. Economic Updates

The U.S. economy’s excellent steady job-creation sputtered slightly in August 2019 and produced a mere 120,000 jobs, about 30,000 less than experts anticipated. It is the 3rd smallest gain in well over a year and came on top of other signs that the economy is sluggish leading into the Fall season. This coupled with many other factors such as interest rate increases and an impending large war in the Middle-East leads me to a prediction of sorts.

I strongly believe we indeed may have a looming Recession in store for us. I have a strict warning about the economy, so in this update please pay attention to the reasons why I fear impending economic pain in the form of a deep recession, similar or greater than the crash of 2008-09, is coming.

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What Is A Prosperous U.S. Economy?

If and when the U.S. Economy is prosperous, you will see the following signs:  full employment, low inflation, slightly weak US Dollar, slowly rising interest rates, slowly rising real estate values, high levels of consumer confidence, moderate levels of consumer savings, low levels of consumer and corporate debt spending, slow reductions in both government spending and the government deficit, equality in foreign trade (few trade imbalances between the U.S. and other countries), productivity improvements in manufacturing, and technology improvements in shipping and corporate operations.

This leads to:

  • Job Creation And Wage Increases
  • Increases In Consumer And Corporate Spending
  • Increases In Property Values And Stock Market Values
  • Robust Corporate Earnings

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